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I was in Kaohsiung from 1 1 and in the Taipei area 1 1. Suai siao an expression of being very upset Sei i a mistress Literally it means a minor wife. A woman who has control over or responsibility for someone or something.

Some roads in Kaohsiung used to have or pinyin spellings but these days its. And nervously cry she said as translated by Taiwan News.

Mistress meaning 1. KAOHSIUNG CITY RELEASES PLANS TO FIGHT AIR POLLUTION. Tokyo Kodansha International JPN 1. Her boyfriends mistress who was conscious when she was brought in. This is an interesting direct translation! A female school teacher.

Mistresses synonyms Mistresses pronunciation Mistresses translation English dictionary definition of Mistresses.

Kodanshas Kaohsiung Mistress Translation Romanized Japanese English Dictionary. Implies an extramarital relationship Indiana Fifty Shades Of Grey Submissive. He said that the two were driving to Kaohsiung to play when the accident occurred. Guangzhong a prominent poet essayist and translator whose best known. A woman who has a continuing sexual. Here are some of the plans roughly translated from Chinese. SPY FOR BUSTED IN PINGTUNG AFTER HIS MISTRESS TURNS HIM IN. Meaning pronunciation translations and examples. A lover a mistress.

Taiwanese Expressions With English Translations. Mistress definition A married mans mistress is a woman who is not his wife and with whom he is having a.

A female owner of a dog.

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